Free Web Page & Blog Backgrounds

Welcome to Quality Animated Backgrounds. Here you'll find hundreds of free, high quality backgrounds in both their animated, and non-animated forms.

I created them using Lightwave 3D (the software used to create many of the characters, objects, animations and scenes in the Star Wars movies) and Corel Photopaint.

You'll notice that these backgrounds are seamless. I believe this gives them a little more quality. And the animations flow smoothly. They don't reach their end then jerk back to the begining.

The background on this page is an example of backgrounds that match color schemes. When you search through the galleries you'll find backgrounds to match just about any colors you'd like to use on your website or blog. And every page on this site is an example of how to blend the colors.

Animated Backgrounds And Transparency

Use an animated background behind a graphic with transparency to create interesting effects.

Your imagination is the only limit as to the effects you can create.

For an example, check out Transparent Ideas.

Animated Wallpaper

Did you know that you can use animated GIFs as wallpaper for your desktop?

You'll find instructions how to do this when you follow links to a background that you like.